Every flaw in the mirror I see it
That long list I keep tally, it don’t quit
instead I file it away
and go on with my day
because I’m trying to learn not to give a shit


Don’t they say it’s not the thing to focus on like
the transition stage of a life change is what’s important, the process, laughs
and stories you create along the way but unlike
unwitting strangers in a natural distaster movie who endure together
and bond in their shared trauma I’m not buying it, like
a grumpy child asking are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet
I’m full of impatience for the journey’s end like
a frazzled mother hanging on for bedtime I’m tired of “the journey”
of working and waiting and trying and biding my time like
Frodo and Sam marching halfway across middle earth I just want to get to that place where I can rest where I can catch my breath like
I’m running a marathon and everything is aching and the finish line
has blankets and cake and blessed sleep undisturbed with anxiety like
a woodpecker peck peck pecking at your thoughts to do this do that jump through that hoop and then that one all while you’re journeying like
Mario in his Kart swerving off course to pick up a green shell and then having to fall back in line to get back on that path and he just wants to win, the marathon runner wants to sit down, the mother wants to sleep, Frodo and Sam want to destroy the ring and fuck the journey I just want to get to that destination.